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About the Books

Monni and Sabrina Must, mother and daughter, teamed up to create the books, LIVING WITNESSES: FACES OF THE HOLOCAUST and LIVING WITNESSES: TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY. The first book, Faces of the Holocaust contains 92 survivors from the Detroit area. . The survivors featured form the foundation of these inspiring and heart-wrenching books. They capture the survivors’ personalities and honor who they were before the war, vividly depicting their experiences during the war, and honoring who they became afterward.

Monni realized that her initial book had a profound impact on her community. I realized that I had discovered something that I could do to 'make a difference'. This inspired her to continue her quest. She embarked on a journey, and photographed survivors across Europe, Canada, Israel, and the United States. This journey culminated in the triology, Living Wittnesses: Triumph Over Tragedy. These three books host over three hundred survivors from around the world.

Because there are fewer and fewer survivors, these books are a timeless tribute. The books serve as a reminder and testament to the strong spirit of survival—not only of the Jewish people but also of anyone who suffers and overcomes.